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5 Common Mistakes Brides Make When Planning A Beach Wedding

  1. Location, Location, Location!

We all have a favourite beach right?  It makes sense to choose your favourite beach for your wedding day.  It makes the decision easy, yes. While these are all good reasons when choosing the perfect beach location for your wedding, there are some things you should consider before making that final decision on the location.  Consider how populated that beach is, especially on the day you want to have your wedding.  Is it less populated on a Friday than it is on a Saturday?  If the beach you want is heavily populated because it’s a popular spot, you need to consider if you want photos of complete strangers in your wedding photos or if you’d prefer a more private beach that is far less populated by others.  Alternatively, you might be able to find a more secluded spot along that favourite beach where you can have your ceremony whilst still being close to that favourite spot for your bridal party portraits after the ceremony.  Consider if there is somewhere on the beach that has a shaded area or somewhere like a little cove that can act as a barrier for some of the big wind gusts that can arise when having a beach wedding.  Your groom will certainly be thankful for a shady area while he is standing there waiting for his gorgeous bride to arrive in that suit.

  1. Stick To The Theme Beach!

Beach weddings are beautiful, lets face it. They’re all about the gorgeous simplicity of nature, that feeling of the sand between your toes and the calming sound of the waves in the crashing in the background.

Blue and Green are probably the two most popular colour themes for beach weddings but you can incorporate any colour you like and of course decorations such as flowers, crystals, driftwood and foliage to add to your already breathtaking view.  The best part of a beach wedding is of course the view so keeping the decorations simple & elegant will help you make the most of that amazing view.

  1. Don’t Forget Your Guests!

Firstly, you will have to make sure you notify your guests that your ceremony will take place on the beach.  Encourage them to wear thongs or sandles to the ceremony and let them know that it’s also OK if they’d prefer to go barefoot.  After-all, sand and heels are NOT a good combination. It’s almost impossible to walk in heels on the sand!  Also consider if you have any guests who require wheelchair access as beaches may not be the easiest for those guests who may be in a wheelchair or the elderly.

Be sure to have some cold water bottles sitting in some ice! I can’t stress this enough! Beach weddings become very hot and dehydrating very quickly, even with short ceremonies.  Another good option is to have fans for your guests too.  These can come in very handy if there is no breeze to cool things down. Lastly, having sunscreen available for guests is a must also.

  1. The Dress!

Long trains and big wedding dresses can be very awkward to walk on the sand.  Having a more simple, fitting or loose style dress can make your walk down the aisle that little bit easier.  When having your dress altered, don’t forget to tell your dress maker you’ll be having a beach wedding.  You’ll need to wear flat shoes to the wedding and this will effect what length you need your dress so take them to your fitting. If you plan to change into heels for the reception this also needs to be kept in mind when deciding on a length for your dress as well so make sure the dressmaker knows this.

  1. Hire A Professional Photographer With Experience!!!

I’ve left the best for last & for good reason.  The photographer is the person who captures your wedding day as physical memories of your big day and you won’t want an amateur doing this.  You want the best photos and not all photographers can handle the conditions of a beach wedding.

The lighting is harsh, there are often big wind gusts, and there is the water which acts as a giant big reflector.  Only a professional photographer with skills in shooting beach weddings can handle these unpredictable conditions.  Professional photographers with the skills and ability to photograph a beach wedding properly won’t be cheap or you certainly won’t get one who is straight out of uni.  Now you don’t need to spend the equivalent of a house deposit on your photographer but ensuring you have seen previous beach weddings by your chosen photographer and are confident in their ability will ensure your wedding photos represent the day in all its glory as it should be.  I highly recommend having an Engagement Session with a photographer who’s style you love and ideally have the session on the beach.  These photos will be a good indication of the kind of images you’ll expect to receive of your wedding day.