Benefits of an Engagement Session

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Do We Really Need An Engagement Session?

I hear a lot of Brides-to-Be ask me this question a lot.  So I thought I would share with you some of the benefits of having an Engagement Session to help you make the decision of whether you want one just that little bit easier.

So…what are the benefits to having an Engagement Session!

Firstly, it gives you both a chance to meet in person if you haven’t already done so at your consultation.  During the session you will be able to have the opportunity to see how your photographer works and this can also make your decision to hire the photographer for your wedding day.  After-all, you will be spending up to 12 hours with this person if you book them to capture your wedding day.

Then there is the fact you will have an opportunity to spend an hour  having some alone time with your partner, having fun, laughing, having a little smooch and just enjoy being in each other’s company.  While you and your partner are having fun, enjoying all the snuggles and smooches I will be there capturing all these precious moments that showcase your love and passion for each other.

You also have the chance to provide me with feedback about the photos you loved from the session.  This helps me better prepare for your photos on your wedding day, ensuring you are going to LOVE your photos!

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Is an Engagement Session essential?

A lot of Brides-to-Be will also often ask me if an Engagement Session is absolutely necessary.  It can help with you & your fiance to feel more comfortable in front of the camera on your wedding day & to have a friendship established with your photographer.  It’s a great opportunity to spend some quality time with your amazing fiance & practice for the big day!  You can spend an hour enjoying each other and have a break from all the wedding planning.

So I say…why not have an Engagement Session!!  Let’s BOOK you in!

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When is the best time to have an Engagement Session?

Really, you can have your Engagement Session as soon as you like after your partner proposes to you.  It’s completely up to you!  Often I find Brides-to-Be feel the best time to have an Engagement Session is when you have your hair & make-up trial done.  Schedule your trial to happen on the day of your Engagement Session so you look and feel your absolute best.  You will feel more confident with your hair & make-up done by a professional and this will result in natural photos of you having fun with your fiance that you will LOVE!

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Where will the session take place?

I normally ask clients if they have a place that is meaningful to them.  This could be where your fiance proposed to you or somewhere you both go often, anywhere that you think is special to the two of you.  If you haven’t got somewhere you want to go to have the session, just ask me for some suggestions.  I have plenty of locations I can suggest that are just beautiful.

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What will we receive from the session?

Well, the first thing you receive is some beautiful images from your session!  You can of course print them, have them made into canvases, art mounts, the list is endless!  If you would like pricing for additional products such as prints, canvases etc, just contact me.  I can even give you a discount when you purchase additional products over $200.

You can even use your images from your session for “Save the Date” cards, frame them & use them at your wedding reception on your tables, create a slideshow using the images to play at your wedding reception or even your engagement party if you want to.  The list of things you can use your photos for is endless!

So put your thinking caps on and GET CREATIVE!

If you want to book an Engagement Session or find out more information, Contact Us & simply fill out the form.  Don’t forget to let me know of a date you would like to have the session done to check availability.