Creative & Personal Ways To Gather Guests Photos Of Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is one you will want to remember and one of the best ways to remember your big day is with photos!

Some couples prefer their wedding day to be unplugged and others prefer their guests to take as many photos as they can so nothing is missed.  This is great to have those extra photos and different perspectives.  But then there is the issue of who gets to post the first photo of the new Mr & Mrs?  It is becoming quite popular that couples are asking their guests not to post photos on social media until they have uploaded their photo of choice.  Rightly so!  Why shouldn’t the Bride & Groom have the choice of which photo will be the very first photo posted of them as Husband & Wife!

More often than not the celebrant will announce at the ceremony that the bride and groom have requested a “social media ban” and this is something that I personally feel is respectful anyway.  It’s also becoming a very common trend recently also to have an “unplugged” ceremony.  This ensures that guests enjoy the ceremony rather than try to focus on taking photos during the entire ceremony and leave that job to the professionals.  I can speak from experience when I say that having guests taking photos on their phones or worse, Ipads/Tablets is one of the most frustrating things about photographing weddings for me personally.  Quite often it can really effect the final product professional photographers deliver to their clients when someone steps in front of the photographer when the Bride & Groom have their “first kiss” or put their wedding bands on.  Believe me…it’s happened!

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Featured Venue:  Redland Bay Golf Club

Now, your official professional photographer will do a great job capturing your day, although there are always going to be shots the photographer doesn’t get.  Guests will always take plenty of photos at your wedding and want to share them with you.  So why not create your own personal and unique hashtag?

You can include this on your invitations and let your guests know of your unique hashtag that they are welcome to share their photos they take on the day.  You can also get creative with your reception decorations and perhaps decorate coasters, straws etc with this hashtag for all to see.  If you are having a photobooth, a sign at the photobooth with your unique hashtag will let your guests know where to share the photos for everyone to see.  Another option is to create a unique email address for your guests to email their photos directly to you for you to choose which ones you will share on social media.

All your photos taken by your guests will be in one place rather than hundreds of albums or individual posts on everyone’s social media account.  Then you can simply save them and enjoy for years to come.