You’re engaged and planning your wedding…CONGRATS! It’s pretty exciting and daunting at the same time when you’re planning a wedding. The decision to have a child free wedding is a personal choice and one that can cause some upset among your guests and family. While some people may be offended by this decision, others will respect your decision and at the end of the day you will never be able to please everyone so stick with your decision to have your wedding day exactly how you imagine it to be! After all, it is your wedding day and by inviting your guests, you are inviting them to share in your day, not make decisions for you about what you should do or shouldn’t do.

Sometimes, just simply writing the names of the guests you plan to invite to your wedding is not enough to deter some from bringing their children along. So you may find you’ll need to be a little specific and direct in your choice of wording on your invitations if you want a child free wedding. The most common and simple choice of words for your invitation is simply “Adult Reception to follow.”

Some other examples of wording you can use for your invitations:

“To allow all wedding guests including parents a night of relaxation and to enjoy our wedding to it’s fullest, we respectfully ask that no children attend our reception.”

“This wedding is an adult ‘do’, the Flower Girl is just two. She is the exception to the rule, while grown ups only act the fool!”

Please feel welcome to bring your children to our wedding ceremony  We’d love them on the scene!  Reception time however is an adult only theme!

Our wedding is an adults only day. We respectfully ask that you join us for an adults only event.

We want you to enjoy the night; Give the kids time to sleep tight. We thought it’s but right, To make this a “for adults” only invite.

Sometimes you can’t say no…

There will always be exceptions to the rule “adult only.” You may come across one of your guests who has recently had a baby so a newborn may be that exception. While most mums who have a newborn would LOVE a night free from distractions and nappy changing, some new mums just can’t part with their newborn even for a few hours but they would still love to attend your big day.

Consider that you may find yourself in this situation when you become a new mum when you make your decision whether to make an exception for newborns. Generally, newborns will spend more time sleeping than distrupting your wedding, especially if they are very young. Trust that your guests make a good choice as to whether their child can attend the wedding without causing too many distruptions. If you do decide to make this exception, make sure you notify your reception venue to provide a chair in a quiet area and seat them somewhere that a pram is accessible.

No matter which option you choose, a child free wedding or a wedding where children are welcome, just remember it’s your wedding day! You and your fiance make the final decision and base that decision on what you both feel is best for you to make your day exactly what you imagine it to be.