Shelley & Damien’s Old Petrie Town Family Portrait Session

Shelley & Damien have not had a Family Portrait Session done before so this was their very first one.  With their beautiful daughter, Willow, who turns 2 very soon it was something I was looking forward to after having to reschedule it once.

So finally the day came and we set out to Old Petrie Town to spend an hour having some fun and capturing some beautiful photos of their young family.  Willow had other ideas lol.  She wanted to run this show haha.  Little Willow was not keen on any form of posing whatsoever and was even onto me if there was even the slightest bit of “posing” (although I prefer to call it direction).  So a lot of the photos we captured of Miss Willow were very candid and of her just doing her own thing but I managed to capture her beauty and her innocence which as I know myself being a mum, we sometimes don’t see all the time.

Here’s a few photos from their session!  I’d love if you could like and comment on the post!  I love reading them!

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