5 Things To Do the Week Before Your Wedding Day

Lets take a look at my Top 5 Wedding Ideas.

Your Wedding Day is almost here! After all that hard work of planning your big day to be exactly as you have imagined, it’s time to do those last minute things before you walk down the aisle to say “I DO”! I’ve put together the TOP 5 essentials to help you take some of the stress out of that final week so you can enjoy this time. You should be relaxing with your girls and having a Champagne or two once you’ve checked off this list.

1/ Pamper Yourself! Go and get yourself a massage or visit a day spa with your Bridesmaids! You will feel so relaxed afterwards and feel like you can take on the world, especially if you’ve been finding yourself feeling a little stressed with all the planning. It’s now time for some precious “me time“. Now is also the perfect time to have your nails done for the big day, as well as your waxing appointments. We don’t want red eyebrows on the day of the wedding so having this done a few days before gives them time to settle whilst still looking fresh. Finally about 2-3days before the wedding you should be booking in for your Spray Tan if you plan on having one for the wedding.

2/ Contact your vendors to do a final check! Speak with your wedding planner, photographer, videographer, hair & makeup artist, limo company…all the things that will be important on the day. Have a final run through of your ceremony with your celebrant. Make sure your photographer has a list of all the important members of your family & friends they need to photograph following the ceremony. This ensures the process is quick & painless given some people really don’t like their photos taken.

3/Get your rings cleaned! Ladies, this is a MUST DO! Your gorgeous rings are going to be photographed a lot and close up photos of your rings will happen! Having your rings cleaned ensures they will photograph so much better and that stunning diamond is going to shine bright! Your photographer will be able to show it off beautifully and do it justice with their images! Dirty rings will show up in the photos so it’s important to make sure you find some time to head to the jeweller to have them cleaned.

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4/ Write your vows & speeches! Not everyone is comfortable making a speech in front of others and especially with a microphone. Having some notes or your speech written down can make that daunting task of public speaking a little easier.

5/ Pack an overnight bag! You’ll need to pack some things for the night of the wedding and your honeymoon if you plan to leave for the honeymoon after the wedding without returning home. Ask a friend to bring it if you aren’t able to and don’t forget the essentials like a toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, tampons etc. You just never know!