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What to ask a venue when planning your wedding!

So… you’ve just got engaged!  Congratulations!!!

Now the fun begins…PLANNING!

One of the first things on your “To-Do-List” is to check out venues!  This can be a lot of fun and very exciting because there are so many stunning venues to choose from.  I have put together a list of questions for you to ask potential Wedding Venues when you go to have a look and see if they could be the perfect place for you and your Fiance to get married.

  1.   How many guests does it seat?
  2. Can we have both our ceremony & reception at the venue?
  3. Is there a price list available and what is included in each package?
  4.   Can we choose our own vendors such as photographers, videographers, DJ, celebrant etc?  Does the venue have recommended vendors or preferred vendors?
  5.   Is table & chair hire included in the price?
  6.   Are there any decorations included or do we have to supply our own?
  7.   Can I/We see some sample menus?
  8.   Is taste testing available for the menu options?
  9.   How much parking is available?
  10.   Can we supply our own beverages and is there a corkage charge?
  11.   Are there any restrictions such as confetti, candles, rose petal aisle’s etc?
  12.   How many weddings do you book per day/weekend?
  13.   Is there a smoking area onsite?
  14.   Is there a wet weather option offered by the venue in the event of rain on the day?
  15.   Do we need to hire any additional lighting or is lighting included in the price?
  16.   Is there an additional fee for our cake to be served as dessert?
  17.   Does the venue offer payment plans?
  18.   What is the venue’s cancellation policy?
  19.   Who will be the person in charge of ensuring the room is set up properly on the day?  If the person allocated changes, will you be notified?
  20.   Can the Bridal Party Portraits be done on site?
Pelican Waters Golf Club Wedding Ceremony

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Clios On Rosemount - Sunshine Coast Wedding Venue

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